Power Devil Lawn Mower

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Where is the oil plug on my lawn mower?

I have a Power Devil lawn mower which I am trying to service. I looked at this http://www.ehow.com/video_2328952_change-oil-lawnmower.html video but his oil plug doesn't seem to be in the same place as mine. Instead there just seem to be engine mount bolts on the bottom of my unit.

I'm wondering whether I have to take the whole engine off to access the oil plug or if it is just in a different position but there do certainly not appear to be any other bolts on the base of the machine.

Failing that can I just turn it upside down as a last resort? I'm thinking this might not be the best idea.

Could anyone give me any other ideas as to where I might look to drain the oil?

My lawn mower does not have a drain plug. I tip it, and the oil comes out the tube where you add oil. Whenever I want to look under my mower, I always tip it to that side. That's the safe way to do it. Otherwise, you may get oil all up in your engine. That's what the manual says. Good luck.

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